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I started Pasco Professional Pet Sitters in 1996 in the Lake
Padgett neighborhood because I wanted to spend my life being
around animals and being happy. It has been the best decision
of my life ! Now I can honestly say I love my job. Every day I play
with dogs, cats, horses , birds, and  bunny's and they love it and
so do my clients because I take great care of their pets.
Call me and lets schedule a free consultation so I can meet you
and explain my services and fees.   Please don't put your family
pets in a kennel in a cage while you go on vacation. Let them
stay home where its a safe and familiar place in their own bed
with their own toys and food and Me !

The kennel is usually full of barking dogs and everyone has
heard the horror stories of all the fleas.
Why do this to your pets? They are members of your family, I
can take great care of them in the comfort of your own home.
Let me provide a safe , happy vacation for them.

I come to you and provide peace of mind by taking great care of
them just like you do. I feed them and  play with them, give belly
rubs and lots of kisses. The only thing missing is you. Give me a
call today, I am recommended highly by numerous
professionals, neighbors and local Vets. My business is adult
owned and operated and licensed so you can go away and have
peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and secure and happy .
It will make a big difference to you and your pets welfare to stay
home. This is not a franchise, when you hire me, you get me-
not a different sitter each time. I also offer daily dog walks and
potty breaks for pets needing exercise . I am affordable and

Thank you for considering using my services. Debbie
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